Saturday, August 7, 2010

Great Morning

Ahhh...this morning is already starting out much better then yesterday. Got my bike ride AND shower in and the kids are just starting to get up. Yesterday I got as far as the bike ride and then the day just seemed to start before I could get to the shower...after spending the day in my workout clothes I contemplated whether 8pm was too late for a shower and ended up just slipping into the bath with my two year least I got to freshen up before bed :) hmmm
Speaking of slipping away...where did the first week of August go???
I was going...GOING to start school the first week of August...time for a new plan...good thing we're flexible here.
I'm so excited to be adding the younger two children "officially" to our homeschool this year in pre-K and preschool (they are 2.5 & 4.5) along with older brother who will be starting 4th grade.
We have moved our schoolroom downstairs this year as my son and I were both growing weary of the kitchen table...blahhh. We have a fresh new start this year and we are really excited. I'll post some pictures later today.
So now this weekend we are all about getting ready for our first (our new first ) day ...Monday...yeah!! Actually we have started the past month working on acclimating a loose school day routine and now we're going to plug more school stuff into it and polish it up. I was trying to avoid the shock of a sudden total change and the resistance that entails...trying to think ahead ... Every once in a while it actually works :):)

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  1. I know what you mean about being "weary of the kitchen table" We are stuck there where else to go but the dark basement...eek! Hope you have a blessed school year.
    BTW 2 of my 3 girls are close to the same ages as your little ones, 1 is 3 end of sep. and other 1 is 4. I am your new follower I see you are just getting started with this blog. If you have ANY questions feel free to stop bye. I just started in April(no expert)but I am willing to try. God Bless!

  2. I'm thinking about changing our set up around too. I really don't like my kiddos being in the same room as my computer. They like to sneak pens, crayons, etc. to my desk. I'm just waiting for the day that a black sharpie makes it's way to my computer screen. I shouldn't have said that outloud though!

  3. Our basement is a little dreary too... :) Having a new setup can really help with attitude and make it seem new, can't it? Yeah for being excited!! Have fun finishing your set up.