Monday, August 9, 2010

First Day Success

What a great day... a little hectic, but all in all a success.

We started with our new tradition of heading to Dunkin Dounuts to celebrate "non back to school" Then to the jungle gym in the backyard to work off that energy :)

Then it was time to get the little ones involved
so I could spend some time getting Sean
settled into his new routine.

Grace just loves the small motor stuff.

They just loved all the organized activities
which is such a switch from the end of the
year when they're itchin for free time :)

Robert was so much faster at blew
me away.

Sean was a trooper helping me out with
the little ones and making sure they
had a fun first day...Go Big Brother!!
Brushing up on some times tables.
Then off to TimezAttack for the real test.
The end of a full I'm off to prepare and rest up for tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by :):)

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  1. Thank you so much for the kind words and for following us! I think your blog looks great! You have some excellent photos of your kids and your school room (which is awesome!!). An unexpected thing that I got from your blog was the link to SneakyMama which then sent me to ScrapBlog, both of which I had never heard of. I so wanna design a header but just haven't quite gotten the hang of it. I'm excited to try these tips!! I'm looking forward to sharing in your adventure!!