Sunday, August 8, 2010

Classroom 2010

Ahhh...This is our much needed change. All set ready to start in the morning. My oldest was so excited when he went to bed and I told him he was going to wake up a "4TH GRADER!"

I am quite excited myself, I have to say, to feel so organized... I hope that translates into great accomplishment...
... tune in this week to find out :):)

Here are the promised pictures of our NEW classroom.

We walk in the room through the preschool dramatic play area.

Ahead is my storage closet...
where I can try to make my hoarding
problem look more civilized :)

Next the Computer Lab...
a favorite even among the preschool set.

Our Workboxes and tot boxes.

I hoard books as well as craft supplies.

Reading Corner

More handy storage

Back towards the preschool play area.

This is really a toyroom/schoolroom.

Our work area.

This is the hidden treasure I found
in the laundry room...
....what you ask????

Taaa Daaa!!
My new Poster Center Holder
Far more useful as a school item
then a laundry item :):)
Well that's it for now...
....thanks for taking a look.
Better get to bed
we have a BIG day tomorrow!!

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  1. Hi,
    Loved the pictures of your school room. I just started blogging too. You can check it out at
    You are already one up on me I can't seem to figure out how to add more than 5 pictures to my posts:).
    Keep up the good work. I have a 3rd grader but doing more 4th grade stuff and a 1st grader.

  2. Looks great. Happy first day of 4th grade to your 4th grader. My daughter will begin 4th grade in two weeks. :-)
    Your blog does not allow me to enter my blog address because I own my domain. But you can find me here:

  3. Beautiful, big space for school!

  4. If my kids saw these pictures, they would want to switch schools! Great job!

  5. Great room! I too hoard craft supplies and books, my husband tried to forbid my attendance at the last library book sale, lol! I also just might have a problem with school and office supplies too! Thanks for sharing. I really love your space, love the computer lab.

  6. The poster holder is a great idea. Hope you all have a great school year!

  7. I love your computer set up! I invision something similar for my three in the future. I am sure you all will have a lot of fun in your space this year. Good luck!

  8. Great space! I love the counter area for work. Thanks for sharing!